Happy December, geeks.

I just got done with Steve Wozniak's memoir, iWoz, which I enjoyed thoroughly. The writing style is incredibly informal, including interjections and incomplete sentences in a way I assume is meant to be evocative of Woz himself. It's always good to read first-hand sources on oft-biographied people, even if they tend to be long on boring details and short on information about scandalous or regrettable life episodes.

I'm now onto a biography of Walt Disney. So far it's interesting, even though I haven't gotten to his imperious adulthood yet.

I have plenty to say about JohnCon, but I haven't had a spare moment lately. We've got some cool stuff in the works for SMBC that'll be revealed in the next few weeks. Between that and the physics (finals in 2 weeks!), I haven't had time to do properly anything beyond the bare essentials.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?