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BAM. Today's comic feature's Marty, in his beloved pink shirt. In his hand is a steaming cup of Lady Grey cleverly disguised as a real drink.

Tomorrow's update will be a little late due to an E&M final. But, it'll be up in the afternoon.
More updates shortly! Honest!
UPDATE: Some of the turbogeeks in the forum started a forum RPG. This tickles my geek bone, so I'd love to see it work out. Sign up!

WOW. Somehow this comic ended up taking 3 hours. I'm not sure it makes sense anymore, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I was sane when I wrote the script.

Also, wanted to give some linky love to old school comics guru and friend Dave Olbrich, who recently started a comics blog. He's one of the nicest people I've ever met, and has about a billion anecdotes about the comic biz. He cofounded the late Malibu Comics, and was there for the birth of Image.

The man met Jack Kirby for crap's sake!
BOOM. An update at the right time of day, though technically I'm behind a day.

I've received quite a few emailed chastisements over the store not yet returning. I promise we're working on it, but I want the new stuff to be of a higher quality than the last run. This is ending up taking more time than I planned. However, next year is the year in which we'll have books, shirts, prints, and pictures of my face on g-strings. Promise!