Today's linky buddy is Eric Millikin. He's easily one of the best artists in comics. Also, he's probably the most likely to murder and eat a man. Good combination. Great combination.
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Sometimes the most obvious solution is the correct one.
It's 2AM, I'm falling asleep in my chair, but I am updating. Why? Because I love each and every one of you.

Oh, sorry, did I type that here? I was talking to my money.

In other news, the statisticians have determined that yesterday's comic was the funniest comic ever (recently). You can't fight math, people.

Lastly, the next person on my list o' links is Jeph Jacques, who makes a comic you've probably already heard of: Questionable Content. Jeph is a nice young man, for whom I did a guest comic recently. Enjoy!
It's not sexist! The guy got killed!

Also, please continue to take the demographic survey. We've gotten over 5,000 surveys so far, and it'd be super peachy keen if we got over 10,000. As I mentioned last time, please please answer honestly. More accurate demographic surveys mean better ad targeting, which is better for everyone.

A while back, I started working down a big list of professional/semi-professional webcartoonists to whom I wanted to give links. I haven't done so in about a month, and I think it's time to get back on it. So, the next link is the ducky good comic Sheldon. It's PG, so don't go through the archives searching for nudity. I checked. Twice.