I found a site I really like called Better Explained. It's run by a very nice guy named Kalid Azad, who posts excellent explanations of concepts in programming and mathematics. For example, his explanation of natural log was excellent.

And, today's awesome webcomic is the well-known Dr. McNinja, by Chris Hastings. How he's managed to keep this concept funny after several years is beyond my comprehension. He's just that good.
I haven't linked another webcomic in a bit, so it's time to get back on track.

Today's linky buddy is the beautiful Brad Guigar, of Evil Inc, which is about a corporation run by and for supervillains.
What're you doing for Valentine's? My girlfriend's buying me chocolate and taking me out to dinner, if she knows what's good for her.
Don't know the reference? Look here, heathens!
Woop! We've already raised over 1400 in loans. This, incidentally, outpaces the Harvard Business group on Kiva.

ALSO, I want to issue a correction - Kiva does not pay out interest at this time. The money for interest goes toward paying operating expenses.