Take THAT, art community.

Today's linky homey is KC Green, the sexiest man in webcomics. He currently draws GUN SHOW.
WOW. Just felt a minor earthquake. Hooray for California. PS: Yes, reddit, I read you.
Today's linky homey is the lovely and talented Eric Millikin of Fetus X. Kelly and I hung out with he and his ladyfriend at a dinner during NEWW and exchanged erotic regards.

Today's linky homey is the awesome Jorge Cham of PhD Comics. If you're a grad student... well... you probably already read it.
Today's linky buddy is Bill from Unshelved If you are a librarian or a book nerd, this is your comic.

Bill was a really cool guy I met at NEWW. He gave me a copy of his book, which Kelly and I read on the trip home. He also played "Live and Let Die" on a ukulele. In short, it may be love...