Anyway, that's what I'm celebrating.

Looks like the new shirt is IN STOCK. So, if you buy now, you should have it fairly quickly (thanks to all the superheroes who pre-ordered!). The first couple people to send me pics in the shirt will get featured right here in this blog. Woop!

Also, I neglected to throw a link to Jorge Cham of PhD Comics. Anyone who's ever dated a great student knows he's always second to Jorge. Fortunately, I was already 11 or 12 on Kelly's list.
Ka-pow! It's mother's day. I'm celebrating by waiting for my sister to call and remind me.
Today is a good day. Why? I got parodied.

(Thanks to reader Ognjen Regoje for pointing that out)

I'd love to do a parody back, but... well, I don't read them. And, anyway, I don't want to wear out my ctrl and c keys.



PS: Okay, fine, I actually do read their comics. Dammit.
It's been a damn good day, but a damn busy one, too. Sometimes I wish good news would come in little bites instead of giant chunks. Whenever I get really good news, I'm uselessly frazzled for an hour or two.

As I had hoped, 2009 is looking to be a very good year for SMBC. Despite the recession, business has been growing nicely, and I should have some super-keen announcements to make in the next few months. Woop!

Last weekend, Kelly and I went to see Wolverine (discussion here in the forum), which was pretty alarmingly bad, despite the satisfaction of seeing Ryan Reynolds die. However, if you are a fan of sexy men walking away from exploding buildings in slow motion, this may be your Casablanca.