First person to think this is a political statement gets punched in the mouth.

Also, it's Tuesday, which means it's EMBEDDED VIDEO TIME

I'm really happy with how this turned out. It's the first one that's been very close to the way I initially imagined it. I hope you guys like it too. (Also, bonus points if you favorite it or subscribe to our account.) BOOYA!
It's MONDAY, which means a brand new sketch! GO WATCH IT!

I'm pretty happy that we were able to work geek humor into the sketch comedy. Hope you guys like it too.

We're also trying out a new feature where we do "shorts" instead of full sketches. Basically, this means that instead of one full sketch on Monday, you get a short sketch Monday and another short sketch Thursday. We'll probably pepper in short weeks amidst the full length weeks.

Anyway, enjoy. And, if you like it, tell your friends. Especially if your friends are famous producers or venture capitalists.

<3, Zach
There, dick joke. Have I now atoned for my diffraction graph humor?
Bam! Two sexist computer jokes in three days. I think I'm hitting my stride here.

Chason and I are starting a geek blog where we post about our science and math self-educating soon. Stay tuned, ultra-geeks.
Today's comic featuring Marty.

That reminds me, for the ultra-nerdy among you who've enjoyed Marty's iPhone magic tricks will be happy to know THERE'S A BRAND NEW MARTY MAGIC TRICK. It allows you to SPOOKTACULARLY use your long-dead ancestors to do cheap parlor tricks!

Don't believe me? THEN GAZE IN WONDER.