In L.A. doing an SMBC Theater shoot. I'll have a double update later today, HONEST!


BAM New video up, as promised.

Also, btw, just so everyone knows, I have a perfect score on Marty's iPhone trivia game.
Kapow! I feel like I've been spending a lot of time pimping new products and projects here lately. So, today it's gonna be some ME time.

Things currently rocking my world:
1) Partial Differential Equations
2) "A Farewell to Arms"
3) Parents visiting

When does everyone go back to school? You guys may like summer, but for me it's the time of year when everyone goes outside instead of checking my comic. Horrible!

Oh, one businessy thing: Anyone in the LA/Santa Monica area know where I can get inexpensive access to a raised platform and podium for 4 hours on Saturday? Eh? Eh?
First person to think this is a political statement gets punched in the mouth.

Also, it's Tuesday, which means it's EMBEDDED VIDEO TIME

I'm really happy with how this turned out. It's the first one that's been very close to the way I initially imagined it. I hope you guys like it too. (Also, bonus points if you favorite it or subscribe to our account.) BOOYA!
It's MONDAY, which means a brand new sketch! GO WATCH IT!

I'm pretty happy that we were able to work geek humor into the sketch comedy. Hope you guys like it too.

We're also trying out a new feature where we do "shorts" instead of full sketches. Basically, this means that instead of one full sketch on Monday, you get a short sketch Monday and another short sketch Thursday. We'll probably pepper in short weeks amidst the full length weeks.

Anyway, enjoy. And, if you like it, tell your friends. Especially if your friends are famous producers or venture capitalists.

<3, Zach