September 12, 2009
An update on time? THAT'S RIGHT. And as of tonight, a teeny tiny buffer.

Also, the dudes at Digital Strips are doing a comic featuring Mephisto from my beloved "Captain Excelsior."
September 11, 2009
WOOP! James is out of a job, which means I've got my writing partner full time for the first time in ages. Wahoo! (BTW, if anyone knows anything about tutoring gigs in LA, let me know...)
September 10, 2009
Totally true.

For those of you looking to catch up on THE MOST HILARIOUS VIDEOS ONLINE, we made a playlist of every sketch so far. Checkit.

Oh, also, for the webcomic geeks among you, Chugworth is back. Apparently some readers enjoy good artwork. Pfffffft!
September 9, 2009
I swear this made sense when I wrote it.
September 8, 2009
Wow. My entire body feels like soreness, thanks to yesterday's ridiculous shooting (okay, and possibly from the two hours of ping pong I may or may not have played).

Also, it's Tuesday, which means EMBEDDED VIDEO LOVIN. Anyone who subscribes this week gets my eternal gratitude and THE HIGH SCORE.