Happy birthday to our Producer/slavedriver Angel Askins.

Make Angel happy by watching THIS WEEK'S SMBC THEATER VIDEO!
Oh MAN I've got a headache. Must be from flexing my artistic muscles so hard today an yesterday. I plan to have an actual "comic" tomorrow.
IT'S MARTY'S BIRTHDAY! Be good and buy one of his iphone magic tricks.

In case you're wondering who Marty is, he's the webmeister behind everything I do, my brother, and the guy at the end of this video.
Kapow! Check out this cool auction of a piece of comics fan art. If you look, you'll see a character from one of my strips. Cool!

Kelly and I have the flu, but seem to have finally gotten over it after a day of sloth and gluttony. Tomorrow I get to go back on my beloved work schedule. WOOP!

Also, it seems the new video is one of our most popular yet. If you twitterers would like to get in touch with the guy who plays Superman, he's here.