COMICS! I spent a good chunk of today fighting with partial differential equations, but I finally emerged victorious. Tomorrow, I write dirty jokes for the next two shoots. It's a strange life...
Kabam! Man, two nights in a row I'm up till 2am. I need to get back to my 9pm update schedule...

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WOOH! First late night update in a while. Hope this one makes sense.

Also, it's THURSDAY MOVIE DAY. This may be the greatest thing I've ever been a part of.

Ahh, this is the first comic in about a week I've been fairly happy with. Hope you nerds like it as well.

I should be appearing at San Francisco's ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO on the weekend of the 17th. I'll be at the topatoco booth! So, if you're there, please come see me and buy 2 or 300 shirts.

I just learned how to use Hamiltonians for one dimensional quantum mechanics. It sounds reallllly fancy, doesn't it? Also, just finished the sadly never-finished Autobiography of Ben Franklin. It's nice to have time to learn, isn't it?
WOW, thanks for the extremely positive response to the new vid! I feel like we're finally getting the hang of this sketch thing in terms of writing, acting, and editing. We've got a really really cool vid coming this Thursday. Meantime, remember, if you subscribe you get a billion points. "A billion points toward what?" you ask? Toward... THE HIGH SCORE.

Also, for the curious, yes, that is a Hawk and Dove comic in the background of the office. The office is actually Kelly's, and it is in reference to a concept in game theory.

I'm in the midst of reading "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin," which is quite good, and (in my opinion) oddly and enjoyably Defoe-like.