Finally got a full day at the library. Did some reading, wrote a bunch of jokes. Life is goooood.

We have another short going up at SMBC Theater tomorrow night, and then I think we're going to be back to longer form videos for a bit. We have some awesome stuff in the pipes right now. STAY TUNED.

Kelly and I are going down to LA to visit everyone for Thanksgiving. We're going to attempt to cross the Pie Threshold, which is when you have at least one pie per attendant. I feel pretty confident.
Hey nerds! Back from the latest LA excursion, and we shot some damn good sketches. We have some really solid stuff coming down the pipes in the next few months. I'm finally starting to get a real feel for this whole sketch thing. Hopefully it shows up in the final products. We've got a hell of a team that's getting better every shoot.

Also, remember, if you want an SMBC t-shirt for the holidays, there are shipping deadlines!

Oh shnap, it's new video day!

BAM! We shot such a good sketch today. It should be up in a few weeks to ROCK YOUR SOCKS.
Huzzah! Just arrived at Chason and James' place in Los Angeles. The shootening begins.