Show your work!

Also, on a whim I'm starting a stupid blog with Marty. Geeks of all stripes welcome!

Future posts will be unique to that site. This one is just to be cute.
Funny story. Two days before we're about to put up one of the more edgy videos we've ever done, I get a call from Mom wherein she states she's concerned we're going too sexy with the vids. Basically what I'm saying is, if you're a reader and happen to be a parent of mine, you're not allowed to watch this. Enjoy!

Wheee! Sleep is for suckers!
Just got some awesome news I hope to be able to announce in the very near future. Woop!
Lawdy lawdy! Damn these multi-panel comics.

Tomorrow involves trying on a tuxedo (BOO) and cake-tasting (YAY).

Open question: Do you have to shower before tux fitting?