April 27, 2010
Blorf! It's 1am and I have no idea if this makes sense anymore.

Also, don't forget to come see me at ROFLCon!
April 26, 2010
Woop! New video day! This one featuring Kelly and JP in another truly absurd dating scenario. I really like this one.

April 25, 2010
Allergies kicked my ass last night. However, we did run into an Australian fan in SF. Cool!

Also, if you want the ads to be better targeted, please fill out this survey: http://blindferret.com/surveys/fillsurvey.php?sid=46

<3, Zach
April 24, 2010
Good cripes that's nerdy. Tomorrow, it's back to sex and poop jokes.
April 23, 2010
BAM! Told you I'd have a bonus update to make up for the missed one. There'll be another one this evening. WHO LOVES YA, BABY?