December 1, 2010
Wooh! Only two panels.

A few people told me they wanted to wait on buying my new book (Captain Stupendous) since the shipping was going to take to long. Well, it looks like we got Amazon to ship for the holidays. So please go check it out. Thanks!
November 30, 2010
Hey 3am. Long time no see. I got you a ten panel dinosaur comic. OH, and a new video (NSFW!)

November 29, 2010
Leslie Nielson died today.

I was listening to Webcomics Weekly the other day, and Kurtz referred to cartoonists who died while working as having "won." Well, in the actors sense of that notion, Nielson won. May we all die with our pens in hand.

November 28, 2010
November 27, 2010
Wow, that's the darkest comic in a while. Hope you laugh, cry, or craugh.

Also, Erik is dreamy.