From Lord Ashby of SMBC Theater:

SUPERPALS! We're starting to get deep into the VFX for the space pilot, and we need a story board artist to help us plan out several shots! You need to be a) living in Los Angeles, and b) a solid artist. Is this you? CAN YOU SAVE THE DAY? Send us an email at pilot@smbc-theater.com today!
Hey geeks! Apparently there are some loud battlestar galactica ads running occasionally. If you see one, please get me the URL to which it points, and I will destroy it with all my redheaded fury.

Oh, also, we're doing a promotional thing over at the SMBC Facebook Club Thingy Whatsit (tm).
Hey facebook users (i.e. everyone), we've got a little club we're developing. Please give it a look. Thanks!