Hey geeks! James has a further announcement regarding their new channel. Please give it a look.
Dictator James would like to inform you of an awesome kickstarter:

From James:

MY ARMY. The claxons of war fill the air until the very skies tremble in anticipation of bloodshed. The enemy gnashes their teeth at the thought of tearing us from our purpose. BUT THEY SHALL FAIL.

For today is the DAWN. Today is the day we step out of the comforting bounds of our soft encampment and turn our eyes to the fertile valley of Kickstarter. Independent artists toil, unrecognized and unseen. They cry out for but crumbs of bread. Mere drops of water to slake their thirst. We shall be the rain my army. We shall be the dove that carries the olive branch for the worthy, and the eagle that brings the talons to the unclean.

Cry out our name! Cry for King James as we flow across the lands, bringing fertility and joy to those who need but one piece of good luck. One honest chance.

We shall be their Gandalf. Their Han Solo.

Their Falcore in our neverending story of GLORY.

TO ARMS! I have selected our first worthy soldier. She is weird and funny and honest. Go to her Kickstarter. If you like the project, donate a bit and cry out our name. For if we are to make history, history must know us! Click my words, and JOIN MY QUEST!


Blood and Bone.
King James
Have I mentioned lately that we have a facebook club?
One of the dorkiest shirts we've done in a while.