Well this is a new one... I actually finished my comic last night. Apparently, as I was dozing off on my drawing board, I dreamt that I updated. Now I awake to find that it was but a fantasy! Oh outrageous fortune!

Seriously, I apologize for the late updates that have been frequent lately. As I said, my life has become rather complex lately, but I will still draw one comic per day, even if that means the comic will be updated twice in a few hours.

On the plus side, the last 341 comics may now be transcribed through a very cool new service called Oh No Robot. Basically, the way it works is you click the little "transcribe" button beneath a comic and type in a dialogue/caption transcription. Then, using their site, anyone can search the comic for specific words or characters.

Also, we're looking to get Webcomics Press rolling again, and really need your help. Anyone who is into webcomics, and good at finding cool news and information should go check it out and send me an email if interested. Be part of something that's kind of relatively awesome!


Reva is officially the Dennis Miller of webcomics.