January 19, 2006

I've been informed that I never made a comic 261.

So, technically THIS is comic 400. (you giant nerds)

Also, go check out Reva's new thang.

January 18, 2006

I wrote a haiku about the status of today's comic:

Because of no sleep:
Comic will be up later.


400 comics baby!

January 17, 2006

What have I done in a mere 25 minutes?

-Apologized to parents for the unseemly content of today's cartoon (sorry Mom)

All this while eating a can of corn.


January 16, 2006

Didn't sleep last night.. too much work.. need sleep.. will have comic up around lunch hopefully.


Sorry for the late or non-existant updates. Between my job and 3 or 4 other things, I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep right now. But, I think I'm back on track now. I'll try to slip in double updates when I can.



January 15, 2006

Today's comic will be a little delayed. Please refrain from using your own imagination or participating in physically demanding activities.

Hey, I'm gonna try a new vote incentive thing.

The basic idea is that I personally don't have to do anything particularly creative or time consuming but still get you guys to help boost my popularity.

Wait, did I type that? Dammit... if only there were a way to delete things already typed. Oh well.