Wooh! Civ almost destroyed me, but I managed to update on time.

Also, best IM conversation in history (sent to me from a reader):

(19:47:10) Nick: oh that reminds me kimmy
(19:47:16) Nick: do you have a butfer i could borrow?
(19:47:33) Kimmy: a butfer?
(19:47:35) Nick: yeah
(19:48:13) Nick: kimmy?
(19:48:36) Kimmy: a butfer? xD
(19:48:41) Nick: lol
(19:48:47) Nick: dont you have one?
(19:49:00) Nick: its okay if you dont have one
(19:49:24) Kimmy: WHat the heck are you talking about? What is a butfer?
(19:49:32) Nick: for poopin' !

Ahh, that's beautiful. You know, it's times like these that I really feel like I'm changing lives.

Also, I got a better site tracker, and it makes the bold claim that I have 13k unique IPs per day. This is about 3k more than I expected. So, from now on I will draw 13,000 visitor quality strips, rather than that 10k unique IP crap I'd been drawing.



A few of you may have noticed yesterday that the vote comic went unchanged, and a wholly new comic appeared here on the webpage. This is because I decided a little late that the votey comic was INADEQUATE.

So, in a grand gesture of apology, there is not only a brand spankin' new comic here on the home page, but also a new votey comic as well. Thanks for making SMBC #1.

In more EXCITING NEWS, the new Chason! webpage will be going up Monday. This comic will feature America's favorite debatably successful lecher in his hair-raising exploits every M-W-F. This, unlike most of what I've done in the past, will be a very plot-based strip, with storylines taking up 10-20 pages each. So, basically, if you like SMBC, you'll actively hate Chason!

Finally, I and another guy have formally taken ownership of Sketch Battle. For those looking through it, be fair warned, some of the archives are a bit OFF COLOR. However, we're hoping to get things looking a little more professional and improve things where we can.


PS: If we get some good questions in the forum, there'll be a new podcast up this weekend.



From now on, we have a forum where you can ask questions on literally any topic. Then, every Saturday, Dr. J Sands will answer your questions via podcast from his porch-side rocking chair somewhere in the Appalachian backwoods.

Please send real questions only.