Posted June 13, 2006 at 12:00 am

Ladies and gentlemen, the Butterfly of the Webcomics World has suggested to me to start our very own Buttfer.com - a haven for those who've levied shame upon their friends through questioning the utility of their behinds, as well as a veritable cyber-freak show of those who've failed comedy's easiest IQ test.

What do you guys think?

Also, go read Minus. This one in particular was great. It's a bit offbeat - sort of like a children's book written by a crazy man.


It's a good day to be a Weiner

Over 10,000 hits yesterday according to my sitemeter. Googling for "buttfer" now turns up SMBC as the second and fifth entry. The SMBC MySpace Fan Club is still the biggest thing on the Internet. And, yet another buttfer conversation:

xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: hey, do you have a butfer?
Ninja star happy: eh?
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: a butfer
Ninja star happy: Didn't you ask max that?
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: did i?
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: just wondering if you have a butfer, caty
Ninja star happy: I dunno, I just got a wierd feeling of dja vu though
Ninja star happy: lol
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: so?
Ninja star happy: Did you ask that already...jeez
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: i don't know
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: but do you have one?
Ninja star happy: Like a control? lol
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: gosh caty you suck
Ninja star happy: Wtf is a bufter?
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: for poopin!
xXUn0r1g1n4lXx: hahaha
Ninja star happy: i thought it was a control
Ninja star happy: WTF?

Posted June 12, 2006 at 12:00 am

Alright, the page is still a little rough, but the new CHASON comic is up!

Posted June 11, 2006 at 12:00 am

What's a buttfer? Let's see what a few webcomics personalities had to say, courtesy America's treasure, Phil Kahn:

Phil Kahn vs. William G

Phil: Hey Will

William: howdy

Phil: How's life on your side of the world

William: pretty darned good, to tell the truth. Could use a few hot chicks lying around the apartment, but I could say that anywhere. How about you?

Phil: I'm all right. Been looking all over the place trying to find a butfer. Do you know where I can get one?

William: Okay... I'll play along just for the amusement factor... "Gee Phil, I dont know. What is a butfer?"

Phil: It's for poopin, Will.

William: BWA HA HA

Phil: LOLZ

William: to the max

Phil: Damn
I was hoping you might actually fall for it.

William: dude, I teach kids and make webcomics. Childish is part of each and every day


It seems Mr. G was too clever for Kahn's capering. But would Mr. Campbell be? Let's listen in...

Phil Kahn vs. T Campbell

Phil: Howdy

T: Hey.

Phil: How're things?
In jollly ol' ingland.

T: Oh, pretty good. I think I'll be doing some traveling soon. See Scotland, Paris.

Phil: Oh cool

T: How you?

Phil: Oh I'm all right.
I've been looking all over the place for a butfer.
Do you know where I can get one?

T: What do you mean, a buffer?

Phil: No, no. A butfer.

T: I do not know what that is.

Phil: You don't know what a butfer is?

T: Never mind, wiseass. I just Googled it.

Phil: (F-WORD).

T: Search engines have killed the practical joke.


Well played gentlemen, well played.

One more for good measure (this from a reader):

Sicklilfreak87 [12:35 AM]: and now I'm really happy
Sicklilfreak87 [12:35 AM]: 'cause I cant remember the last time I had a lifesaver
Sicklilfreak87 [12:35 AM]: it's been like.....years
ImSuperPoor [12:36 AM]: or weeks
ImSuperPoor [12:36 AM]: you know
ImSuperPoor [12:36 AM]: remember when you took mine in school?
ImSuperPoor [12:36 AM]: (F-WORD)er
Sicklilfreak87 [12:37 AM]: ...no
Sicklilfreak87 [12:38 AM]: when did I take your life saver?
Sicklilfreak87 [12:38 AM]: you know what I need?
Sicklilfreak87 [12:38 AM]: a butfer
ImSuperPoor [12:38 AM]: last time I bought them
ImSuperPoor [12:38 AM]: you mean a hooke
ImSuperPoor [12:38 AM]: rr
Sicklilfreak87 [12:38 AM]: no a butfer
Sicklilfreak87 [12:38 AM]: do you have one?
ImSuperPoor [12:39 AM]: hooker?
ImSuperPoor [12:39 AM]: yes
ImSuperPoor [12:39 AM]: her name is armondo
Sicklilfreak87 [12:39 AM]: no butfer do you have a butfer
ImSuperPoor [12:39 AM]: yes
ImSuperPoor [12:39 AM]: her name is armondo
ImSuperPoor [12:40 AM]: silly BUTLERS
Sicklilfreak87 [12:40 AM]: NOOOOOOO
Sicklilfreak87 [12:40 AM]: do you have a B U T F E R
ImSuperPoor [12:40 AM]: ?
ImSuperPoor [12:41 AM]: you know what a buttfore is?
Sicklilfreak87 [12:41 AM]: yup
ImSuperPoor [12:41 AM]: what?
Sicklilfreak87 [12:42 AM]: fer poopin
ImSuperPoor [12:41 AM]: ....wow


So dear readers, what did we learn here? It's quite simple - webcomics authors are clearly more intelligent (or as WE like to say, "overtly bounteously perspicacious") than you vulgar masses.



Posted June 10, 2006 at 12:00 am

Hey hey, sorry for the slightly late update. I managed to fall asleep in my chair last night.

Posted June 9, 2006 at 12:00 am

YOHO, yes, it is 4AM.

I'm working on becoming nocturnal. I figure if I adjust to non-human hours I will have fewer problems being distracted by my (usually human) cohorts.

In other news, tomorrow's SMBC (GOOD GOD, TODAY'S VOTING REWARD) may hold the record for most words in the most confusing speech bubbling in history. If you've ever wanted to say to yourself "that comic would've been better if it took 17 panels instead of 1," now's your chance.

Speaking of failure, it looks like Inverloch is about to overtake us at Buzz. It's pretty awesome to be in competition with a comic that I enjoy. I mean, sure, her 500-something pages of epic high fantasy could never match the depth of a comic that was, for example, about puppies exploding out of PTERRORDACTYL, or an angry biker with a penchant for feminine hats, but the pacing is really excellent.

More importantly than all of this, we have had another victory in the fight against legitimate intelligent comedy. This from today's emails (IM names witheld to protect the innocent).

(Guy): were going to open mic tonight
(Guy): when you coming to my house?
(Girl): idk are you there?
(Guy): silly girl
(Guy): Im at work
(Girl): ok lol
(Girl): werd!
(Girl): what's up!?
(Guy): do you have a buttfer?
(Girl): ??? a what??
(Guy): I need one tonight
(Guy): do you have one?
(Guy): Im thinking about using it for a song
(Girl): a buttfer ?lol
(Guy): yeah?
(Guy): do you have one?
(Girl): whats a buttfer?
(Guy): fer poop'n!
(Girl): ewwww

God I love my readers.

In closing, according to my newer (and theoretically correcter) site tracker, I have something on the order of 13,000 unique IPs a day. This is a few thousand more than I expected, and a baker's dozen thousand more than I deserve. That said, welcome to all you stealth readers. Your secret is now exposed. We know whom you are.

Goodnight kids. See you in the mornfternoon...