Hey folks, sorry for the missed updates. I've been traveling for about 2 weeks now, and eventually my buffer just ran out. I was unable to do updates during Comic-Con for a variety of reasons, however I am now visiting my brother who has all sorts of computerness, so I should be back on track. When I get home, I'll get back to updating SMBC on schedule (and perhaps attempt to make up for the missed days), in addition to updating my other projects. Additionally, it is very likely that, for reasons to be announced, I may soon be taking down the bulk of the archive, and leaving up only the latest two months, and perhaps a gallery of fan favorite older SMBC comics. So, if there's anything you wanna make sure you have to print or put on your desktop, grab it now. Also, please go check out Phil's new Alcoholipedia of Webcomics and add some information for SMBC. I understand the site is doing quite well. Thanks to everyone who expressed concern as to whether or not I was alive. LOVE, ZACH