Welcome to Thunderdome, BITCH. (the world's impossiblest crossword puzzle).


Dead old lady. AIDS. The F-word. A dead kid. It's been a swell week, hasn't it SMBCers?



Also, don't forget I'm doing this Internet radio thang today. I'm not sure precisely when I'll be on, but the show starts at 5pm PST and should be pretty interesting.

Also Bernie's got t-shirts.

And Reva's a Science Idol finalist.

And Liz has ipod skins.

And Phil needs to be drunker.

And Kinkos needs a few good men/women/whatevers.

And Dani's still taking commissions.


I hope nobody finds this one overly offensive. I showed it to a few friends and nobody seemed to have a problem with it. In particular, Bernie was kind enough to note "it's not even close to the most offensive thing you've done."

I guess I feel it's not sooo awful, for Bernie's reason, and for the fact that it's more about men and video games than any commentary on AIDS or Africa (if it's about anything at all).

That said, if this comic angers you, please direct your energy toward reading this, as opposed to sending me hatemail which I'll just put on my wall anyway.