Take that, chemists!

Today's webcomics link is David Willis' Shortpacked! Anyone who is nostalgic for the days when happiness came in a blister pack with accessories should be reading this strip. It's funny, and has transformers. What the hell else do you need, asshole?
Today's webcomic homey: Kris Straub. He creates several hundred comics a week, among them Starslip Crisis, a sci fi humor strip, Chainsawsuit, a daily irreverent gag strip, and F Chords, a humor strip about MUSIC.

For SMBC readers, Chainsawsuit's probably the easiest fit, but it's all quality stuff. Also, Kris has an excellent beard.
I know I owe lots of people emails! Will answer soon!
Bam. Take that, MARTY.

Today's webcomic link is the gorgeous Paul Southworth's Ugly Hill.

Has everyone registered to vote (who's not a dirty foreigner)?
This is Wolverine and Magneto's first appearance in SMBC.

Also, Sean Carroll, Hero of Physics, is helping bring science into classrooms via donations. So, for those of you who are hoping the next generation of scientists succeeds in making flying cars and time machines, now's your chance to make a difference. For each dollar donated, I'll drink ten gallons of hot sauce. I won't show it or do anything to prove it, but it definitely will happen. Dig deep, brothas and sistas.