What're you doing for Valentine's? My girlfriend's buying me chocolate and taking me out to dinner, if she knows what's good for her.
Don't know the reference? Look here, heathens!
Woop! We've already raised over 1400 in loans. This, incidentally, outpaces the Harvard Business group on Kiva.

ALSO, I want to issue a correction - Kiva does not pay out interest at this time. The money for interest goes toward paying operating expenses.

There's a really cool site called Kiva, where regular people can make microloans to entrepreneurs in other countries. These are not donations, but loans, so you not only get your money back, you get it with interest.

Ryan North and I got the idea to start a webcomics group that you can join here. By making loans, you can support small business owners in poor countries, increase the already-bloated egoes of webcomic creators, and make a little money while doing it. What's NOT to love?