July 7, 2009
The sketches are (I think!) looking good. I think you guys will be pleased. If you want to be updated when the launch hits, check out www.smbc-theater.com.

Also, I totally did a guest comic over at fmylife.
July 6, 2009
Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh... (but got two sketches done!)
July 5, 2009
WOO. Spent the entire day working on another sketch. Screw you people who take holiday's off.

Now, time to sleep for 4 hours...
July 4, 2009
Today's linky buddy is BELLEN, by the awesome Box Brown.
July 3, 2009
BOOYA. Tomorrow doing prepwork for two more sketches to be filmed this weekend. One of them involves a lot of blood. I think you'll be pleased.

Also, twitterers, I can be found here.