YO! Just because yesterday's update was at a weird time, I'm reposting the new vid. Enjoy! (Notes on the late updates below...)

This week, we realized we needed to get an emergency video shoot in, since we're putting together a crazy special effects thing to show at this year's SDCC. Those of you who subscribe to the newsletter got a tiny preview this week.

Unfortunately, to make that work, I had to drive to LA and back on Friday (to grab James and equipment), then do the shoot Saturday. Between those two days I got about 5 hours sleep, a decent little sunburn, and had my body flung about for some fight scenes (which I'm told will be super awesome). Both nights I started to draw and realized I wasn't very confident in the jokes I was doing. So, rather than update work I didn't like, I opted to delay a little.

This week, I'll make up for the missed updates, and BY JEEPERS I shall achieve a buffer!

<3, Zach
Whee! I'm having fun doing more of these long form comics. My drawing hand is having less fun, but so far is holding up fairly well. However, if this trend keeps up, I'll be doing 40 panel comics every day in a few years. But don't worry - I'll just decrease the drawing quality accordingly.
Oh hey, it's Thursday. Time to put up the sexiest video we ever shot.
Creepiest votey ever?