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 Hey geeks! If the site is loading wonky for you, just refresh. If that doesn't work, clear your cache then refresh. I promise it'll work!

Lately, thanks to the patreons, I've been going back through old comics and updating the votey buttons. I noticed that I used to post much longer, more personal, and at times remarkably stupid blogs. For the last 5 years or so, things have gotten incredibly busy between the growth of SMBC, all the new projects, and the growing family. I'd like to get back to where sometimes I talk about things here. I started saying more stuff on twitter, which is probably not the best place to just sit and talk with people. A comics blog post probably isn't either, but on the plus side, people can't really talk back.

Anyway, I just want to thank you all for reading all these years. I'm amazed that there are people who have stuck with the comic through all its many phases.


PS: For those asking, we hope to have the mobile version of the site complete in October!


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