August 1, 2007
July 31, 2007
July 30, 2007

Sorry I haven't written about Con just yet. I'm not really sure how to go about it, but I would like to start by linking to some of the people I met.

I'm gonna do this one day at a time so the individual links aren't completely worthless.

FIRST, go read The Devil's Panties. Great comic, lots of insane merch to buy, and Jennie was nice enough to give me some advice on how to run the business end of things.

I hope you guys have been clicking back through the archives, as there have been several double update days here as I pathetically attempt to catch up on my schedule (yes, I know the date on this post is off).

Oh, and lastly, I got an email requesting I print a version of the deck of cards in today's comic. I happened to get some info on printing cards from the aforementioned Jennie. If enough people would be interested in buying such a deck, I might see about getting something printed. Let me know.

July 29, 2007
July 28, 2007