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Open Borders

Written by Bryan Caplan
Illustrated by Zach Weinersmith
Economist Bryan Caplan makes a bold case for unrestricted immigration in this fact-filled graphic nonfiction.

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Published by First Second
Praise For Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration…
"A delightful tour of the arguments and evidence behind the debate [around open borders]... What’s refreshing about the way that Caplan responds to the likely criticisms of his thesis is that he’s thoughtful and generous. Nobody is accused or racism or some other less-than-pure motivation. He is not afraid to admit when those who have a different view make a good point. This alone distinguishes this effort from so much of what passes for argument on this issue."
— Bloomberg Opinion
“A phenomenal achievement. [Open Borders] is a landmark in economic education, how to present economic ideas, and the integration of economic analysis and graphic visuals. I picked it up not knowing what to expect, and was blown away by the execution . . . This book is one of the very best explainers of the gains from trade idea ever produced, and it will teach virtually anyone a truly significant amount about the immigration issue, as well as economic analytics more generally.”
— Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution
About the Book
American policy-makers have long been locked in a heated battle over whether, how many, and what kind of immigrants to allow to live and work in the country. Those in favor of welcoming more immigrants often cite humanitarian reasons, while those in favor of more restrictive laws argue the need to protect native citizens.
But economist Bryan Caplan adds a new, compelling perspective to the immigration debate: He argues that opening all borders could eliminate absolute poverty worldwide and usher in a booming worldwide economy—greatly benefiting humanity.
With a clear and conversational tone, exhaustive research, and vibrant illustrations by Zach Weinersmith, Open Borders makes the case for unrestricted immigration easy to follow and hard to deny.
About the Authors
Bryan Caplan is a professor of economics at George Mason University and one of the world’s leading advocates of free migration. He is the author of The Myth of the Rational Voter, named "the best political book of the year" by the New York Times and The Case Against Education. He’s published in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Newsweek, and the Atlantic. He lives in Oakton, Virginia, with his wife and four kids.
Zach Weinersmith is the creator of the popular webcomic SMBC, the creator of the nerd comedy show BAHFest, and the co-author of the New York Times-bestselling popular science book, Soonish.
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Why won’t it be out till October?
Because that was the fastest we could get it done! Printing full-color comic books is a pretty involved process, and we want the book to be picture-perfect.
Will there be an eBook?
Yes! It’ll come out closer to release in the usual formats.
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Do you deal with [insert issue here]?
Almost certainly. Bryan and others have been publicly debating about this topic for a long time. If your argument is the least bit mainstream, the book tries to address it. This includes all sorts of questions - economic, ethical, social, political, historical, cultural, and more!