Forum and archive links lead to 404

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Forum and archive links lead to 404

Postby NeatNit » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:31 pm

Not technically 404 (I think?) but, on a mobile device:

1. Go to any particular comic, like (the issue does not occur if the current URL is or index.php)
2. Scroll all the way down, tap the orange FORUM button.
3. Arrive at
4. Read: There is no comic with this ID. Cry.
5. Scroll down again, click on ARCHIVE this time.
6. Arrive at with the exact same error message.
7. Repeat step 5 several more times. I went as far as ... ic/archive which should make the source of this issue pretty obvious to any competent web developer, or even general computer savvy person.

On a non-mobile browser (or on a mobile browser with "Request desktop site" or similar enabled), the FORUM link works fine, but ARCHIVE and RSS link in the bottom toolbar are similarly broken.
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