Mom and cameras

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Mom and cameras

Post by Krzysztof »

I bought my mother an apartment and, but not in our house, but in the next block, and she is a woman already in age, I'm a little worried about her, do you think it would be a good idea to install a video camera in her kitchen, such as the ajax security system, so that I can check from my phone whether everything is in order, or is this a strong violation of personal space? My mother, I think, will be afraid that I am not the only one who can look after her, how can I explain to her that only I will have access to the management?


Re: Mom and cameras

Post by Linda »

I think you should tell your mother about this and give her as much information on the subject as possible to calm her down.


Re: Mom and cameras

Post by Bilan »

If your mother starts to worry about the reliability of this system or something, in this case, you can just show her an explanatory video on YouTube For me personally, this video seemed very useful and I understood all the little things that caused me questions initially. Therefore, I am sure that your mother will definitely understand everything and will not be afraid of violating her personal space. I'm more than sure of that. Good luck!


Re: Mom and cameras

Post by lolapaluuza »

This is certainly a good idea, but I think that you definitely need to talk to your mother and discuss all the points that will concern this. I can say that I don't remember Ajax releasing CCTV cameras. Perhaps everything has changed, we need to look at their website. But still, I had a different situation. I already had a security camera from another company and I just attached it to an application from this security system. I can say that this is as convenient as possible, because their application is quite convenient.

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