Sevans v. Cirtur

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Sevans v. Cirtur

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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

Post by astasia »

Cirtur. For serious.
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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

Post by smiley_cow »

Cirtur's was really good, but there's something about fros and sunglasses.

I'm flipping a coin. Sevans is heads.

Heads, Sevans gets it.
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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

Post by Cirtur »

In an ideal world there wouldn't be any money.

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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

Post by Oldrac the Chitinous »

Cirtur. I liked Sevans' punch line, but Cirtur was solid gold all the way through.
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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

Post by mountainmage »

I really liked Sevan's, but I'm going Cirtur, even though the punchline was disappointing.
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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

Post by Rainbow »

Cirtur, baby.
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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

Post by AHMETxRock »

Sevans was funnier, and I vote for him. The last panel needed to be funnier Cirtur.

But awesome job. I hate to think how many children's naught bits were not filmed to make it. Luckily Sevans has that covered for you with this submission.
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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

Post by Lethal Interjection »

Cirtur for a great story, and good art, and some funny.
Also because the Morbo inclusion seemed pandering, though I could be wrong.

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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

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Re: Sevans v. Cirtur

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