Michelle's Bad Day (discussion)

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Re: Michelle's Bad Day (discussion)

Post by Asherian »

It was the story we were doing in parts. So you'd write a part, then some one would respond with the continued story, ectra. It died after Ahmet's.. I tried to bring it back, but sadly failed. Now I'm wondering if people would like to start a new one/have any interest in it.
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Re: Michelle's Bad Day (discussion)

Post by mountainmage »

If anything, I'd like to start up Ruo's rpg again.
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Re: Michelle's Bad Day (discussion)

Post by AHMETxRock »

I was trying to troll you guys with that one, but it looks like I jumped on too late. It's like I get an afro the day shape ups became popular, if I were a black stereotype.
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