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Re: Photoship ico plugin

Post by HARDKORE »

Actually, I had to use this plugin to get my photoshop to save ICO files. I have 6.0 from like 2002 or 2003. I use mediafire and box to host my files. Would you fell better if i removed the html tag and you could see the link? Here. <--------- info on 8bi format.

Man I try to be good to you all and what do I get? 2003 comedy. Do you not think of me enought to at least break out some 2008 or 2009 comedy?

Anyways, I really do hope some of you all can use that. I can say something else. Dont move the ico file. If you do, you need to point the favorites icon to where the ico file was moved to.
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Re: Photoship ico plugin

Post by Asherian »

Just remember Hardkore, we're laughing With you, not At you. Its a sign of love!
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Re: Photoship ico plugin

Post by Apocalyptus »

Love, Hardkore. Pure, completely non-creepy LURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRVE.
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Re: Photoship ico plugin

Post by Cirtur »

I am a doctor in the science of love.

Also in drinking before noon. 2.2 Unites at 11:21, does life get better than drinking alone in front of a computer screen?

I hope it does.

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Re: Photoship ico plugin

Post by LordRetard »

Hahah the last time I drank in the morning was on New Year's. I poured some left-over rum into a coffee mug and drank it and played Rock Band. Anyway I got really sick, 'cause I was still hung over from the night before.

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Re: Photoship ico plugin

Post by AHMETxRock »

If there was a secure photoshop download, maybe. I miss those good spammers, you know?
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