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[2017-11-09] Grim

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:49 pm
by Tony

Well done, Abby! Even if the Cheerful Reaper weren't going around killing people all day, the lack of nose, lips, and irises would definitely spike the reading on my Flukeā„¢ Creepimeter.

Other thoughts:
  • This seems like a continuation of yesterday's comic, with the happy guy continuing as a reaper after his execution or death in prison. He did ask "to always be happy" after all...
  • Doesn't the term "Grim Reaper" imply the existence of other reapers? If he were the only one, wouldn't he just be called the Reaper?
  • If he preferred an alliterative option, he could have gone with the Humorless Harvester or the Cold Culler.

As an aside,