[2019-02-28] Speciation

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2019-02-28] Speciation

Postby NeatNit » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:57 pm




At this point, even I am weirded out.

So are we, Zach. So are we.
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Re: [2019-02-28] Speciation

Postby carrotcake » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:21 am

Wait. Did Zach just give the origin story of anime?

Re: [2019-02-28] Speciation

Postby StCredZero » Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:13 pm

Wait. Did Zach just give the origin story of anime?

I remember this from a presentation at an Anime con back in the early 2000's. Someone wrote a thesis proposing that magical girl anime and manga comes from the Japanese importation and dubbing of "I Dream of Jeanie" and "Bewitched." That's also where the "Overly Long Expository Titles Including Extra Detail" come from. The production companies would give dubbed shows such titles to overcome cultural barriers.
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