[2019-08-20] Calculating

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2019-08-20] Calculating

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Who amongst us doesn't need this machine?


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... Honestly, this entire comic is making me lose some kind of "je ne sais quois" about my view of intellectual people in general. Is that good?

Will Robinson

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In extremis is perfectly valid in the world the online Merriam-Webster inhabits.

Google being what it is pretty much means that it doesn't inhabit any worlds but it's own and the Financial Systems World. And maybe the porn world, but that's so pervasive it seems a bit of a stretch to use it to criticize Leviathan.

Nevertheless, in extremis I shall go down screaming "Damn you Google! Where was the porn I was looking for so specifically!"


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I feel like the stupid form of this machine would be a plastic box you put over your head (shoulder mounted) with a laser pointer-style holographic projector inside of it. You'll look like an idiot when it's turned off, it'll be hard to see and breathe, and when it turns on you'll most likely blind yourself via lasers to the eyes. BUT it'll still be worth it.

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