Blame Quintushalls for this.

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I hereby resolve that this comic is inspired by, if not a derivative work of, as defined by international copyright law, the Romans Go Home segment of Monty Python's Life Of Brian, and demand that this be acknowledged by the artist in some way.

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Re: S-of-B

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"S-of-B"? I was expecting to find a topic dealing with Fermionic Exclusion. Is this the right place? The date seems correct.

Anyway, assuming that it is, I just wanted to point out that my own "Congressman Johnson" (US Senator Ron Johnson, R-WI) has come out against fascism exclusion. (His term is up in 2023, sooner if we can invoke the 14th Amendment on him.)


Re: S-of-B

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Thing is, the insult *was* correct on the first try. Being the son of a bitch is a particular case of being the son of more than one bitch. So the other guy was being uselessly pedantic.

Like a son of a bitch.

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