[2021-02-28] Self-Driving Cars

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2021-02-28] Self-Driving Cars

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Would the plural of scrotum not be scrota? Although I think in the construction "about scrotums" would take the ablative case "scrotis." On the other hand, "fabula scrotorum" sounds so lyrical I'm willing to accept the possible implications of scrotal authorship.
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Re: [2021-02-28] Self-Driving Cars

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If lyrical is what you seek, why not "scrotozoa"?


Re: [2021-02-28] Self-Driving Cars

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Scrotus Maximus


Re: [2021-02-28] Self-Driving Cars

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I think it's lyrical. I am thinking of the best term possible while doing my drywall removal. Whatever you may call it, it's fine with me. :lol:

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