Time-based emotions

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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Time-based emotions

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Just reading an interesting book related to http://smbc-comics.com/comic/emotion-3

Too bad there's no HTML here or I'd use a table, but we have the regular list option:
  1. Anger: Past-based
  2. Sadness: Past-based
  3. Fear: Future-based
  4. Happiness: Present-focused
  5. Surprise: Past-based
  6. Disgust: Past-based
I had to guess on the last two because Garcia and Miralles aren't clear about that in The Book of Ichigo Ichie (which is 一期一会 if Japanese is okay here).

I can't remember if SMBC has already made this point, but omnipotence is incompatible with freedom, regardless of godly powers and principles. Knowing the future would oblige the gawd to do whatever is "best", and that knowledge would include knowledge of the gawd's own limitations and probabilities. It's only in imperfect knowledge that there is room for freedom to make meaningful choices.