Spelling of what?

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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Spelling of what?

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Actually it was the French scribes who refused to write English words starting with H before W, but if you sound it out carefully, you can tell that they are pronounced with the H first.


Re: Spelling of what?

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Fun fact, a chairde: To an Irish-speaking Druid, "uisce" just means water and whiskey is "fuisce".

The original name for whiskey, when It was invented (and perfected) in Ireland, was "uisce beatha", which means "water of life" (just like "eau de vie" and "akvavit").

In modern Irish, because "uisce beatha" is too long and using "uisce" as shorthand for both water and whiskey is problematic, people say "fuisce" or "fuiscí" instead.

Also: my non-Gaeilgeoir laptop wants to autocorrect "uisce beatha" to "miscue Bertha" and I don't hate it.

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