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A bit of a different idea from anything I've ever mentioned. Kinda just thought of it this month, so I think I'll start this instead of the thing I've had in my head for a while. Probably won't hit 50k words, but let's see what happens!

Posted word count: 610
In the beginning all that was were two serpents, and what had come before none could know. The two were separate and came to recognize one another as opposites. Awareness came to be hostility shortly enough. As they awoke from their slumber, the sands of time began to flow. As the two began to circle one another, the heavens were set into motion. As the two hissed at one another, the laws of the universe were written. As the two shed their skins, matter and life were born from the remains. As the two spit their poisons and toxins at one another, death, despair, and sin came into being. And as the two serpents fought against one another, so too did their creations fight alongside them.
One of these serpents was a radiant and warm white. The white serpent was prideful and powerful, and created a race of creatures resembling it. The white serpent gave to these creatures the sun, and they became masters of the fires that burned within them. Their muscles were powerful, their senses keen, and their skin hardy and tough. They had sharp claws with which to assail their enemies, even sharper teeth as their weapons, and an armor of scales to protect their bodies. The white serpent gave to these creatures the name of dragon, and bestowed upon them golden serpent eyes as a trophy to display their favor to all.

The other of these serpents was a dark and cold black. The black serpent was adaptive and cunning. The black serpent gave to its creatures the moon and the night sky. The creatures of the night were granted longevity rather than great power. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun to be seen, so too did these creatures harness the light for their own power and increase their life force. The black serpent’s creatures were endowed with sharp fangs with which to pierce the flesh of their prey, and the serpent bestowed upon them eyes capable of seeing through complete darkness. These vampires endured just as the night endures the rays of the sun. Employing distraction, diversion, and redirection, their forces were too great to be overcome.

The struggle between the serpents raged on ceaselessly. The two serpents grew larger and entwined one another, hoping to overcome the other. It came to be that the two had managed to entangle all things, and had hopelessly wound their own selves to their very necks. For the first time the two had come face to face with its mortal enemy. Neither could protect themselves from a strike to their exposed neck had the other struck, nor could either break the stalemate and risk creating the opening for their own defeat. The black and white pairs of eyes stared each other down as their rage reached a boil. At the same moment both lunged forward to bite into the other’s flesh.

As the bodies of the serpents began to go limp and unravel, the two stared in disbelief at their fangs submerged in their own bodies. The hostility that had clouded their minds for so long faded away, and in its place set realization. The realization that it was the white snake with the black eyes, and the white snake with the black eyes. The realization that seeing a part of itself in another lead it to jealousy. The realization that it became so focused on hating that it was no longer able to tell itself apart from its enemy. The realization that the other never had to be an enemy at all. The two serpents, weakened by their own poisons, slumbered once more.
Just like an std, will never fully go away.

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