Mary Roach

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Mary Roach

Post by ZachWeiner »

About to finish the third of her initial trilogy. I think she's a good science writer, but not one of the best. She does good research and writes well, but her books never have a clear narrative thread. The books aren't so much about something as lists of cool facts that relate to something.

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Re: Mary Roach

Post by rustypup »

I managed to make it halfway through Bonk before admitting defeat, so this would be me tipping my hat to you....

Very few authors manage to incorporate that level of detail without interrupting the flow of the story... Neal Stephenson and Connie Willis come to mind...
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Re: Mary Roach

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I've found them to be entertaining.
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Re: Mary Roach

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I finished Spook a while ago, and it was pretty interesting... But it definitely felt like a wandering assortment of stories, rather than a well-defined research paper. (Not that that's a bad thing.)
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