Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything

From a top scientist and the creator of the hugely popular web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a hilariously illustrated investigation into future technologies--from how to fling a ship into deep space on the cheap to 3D organ printing.

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January 8, 2011
COOOOOOOOOMIIIIIIIIIICS. I figured you all might like a break from the 400 panel comics :)
January 7, 2011
Found another awesome webcomic today. Man, there's a lot of talent out there.
January 6, 2011
Man, Chris Hallbeck is the most helpful dude in comics. Go check out his awesome single panels!
January 5, 2011
Hey sci fi geeks - check out Dave Kellett's new strip: DRIVE.
January 4, 2011
Ahh, this'll be me someday...