Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything

From a top scientist and the creator of the hugely popular web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a hilariously illustrated investigation into future technologies--from how to fling a ship into deep space on the cheap to 3D organ printing.

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February 7, 2012
Hey geeks! My sister is raising money for foster children in need via "Spin for a Child." They help kids get court appointed special advocates they need. So, if you have a couple bucks to spare, please consider sending them this way.
February 6, 2012

February 5, 2012
WOOP! SMBC Theater SEASON 4 starts TOMORROW! Please tell your nerdtastic friends, since word of mouth is the best way for us to spread this. Thanks, geeks!

Also, sorry again for the slow load times. We're fending off some server weirdness, but we should have 100% very shortly.

(PS: this was pretty awesome)
February 4, 2012
Hey geeks! Sorry about the slow load times. We're having some sort of server issue that hasn't been resolved yet.

On the plus side, only 2 more days until we go back to weekly SMBC Theater sketches. Check out our fancy new website!
February 3, 2012
Hey geeks! SMBC Theater is going weekly again starting on Monday! Don't forget to subscribe for updates. Woop!