March 15, 2009
Sorry, ladies. Zach got engaged!
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March 14, 2009
Why is it that all my cinematic style comics feature a guy with trenchcoat?

Today's webcomic homey is the ridiculously gorgeous Boy on a Stick and Slither by Steven Cloud.
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March 13, 2009
Today's webcomic linky is the godfather of webcomics, Scott McCloud. I'm not aware that he's doing a webcomic per se right now, but he has an excellent blog, which he's recently relaunched.

According to Understanding Comics, SMBC is technically NOT sequential art, and therefore not comics. So, consider this a shout out from an admiring reader who draws non-comic-art-with-text.

PS: Yes, I have a twitter. Dammit.
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March 12, 2009
The fantastic Joey Comeau, of A Softer World has released a book called Overqualified.

It's a book of fake cover letters sent to employers, and looks pretty damn hilarious. I'll be sure to give you an update when I get my copy, but you can read parts of it here.
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March 11, 2009
I'm running some ads with Something Positive this week. So, welcome new webcomics nerds!
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