December 18, 2009
Lawdy lawdy! Damn these multi-panel comics.

Tomorrow involves trying on a tuxedo (BOO) and cake-tasting (YAY).

Open question: Do you have to shower before tux fitting?
December 17, 2009
Kabang! How's everyone doing? What's that? A COMIC UPDATE ON TIME? MY GOD!
December 16, 2009
James Ashby is an editing god. He turned around a video we shot late Sunday night so that we have a rough cut ready this afternoon.

I cannot be allowed in textbook stores. Between good revenue this month and my desire for some better math texts, I spend about 300 bucks on two books. Look out for some hilarious jokes on Lagrange multipliers in the next few days (kidding! I swear!).
December 15, 2009
Christmas shipping deadlines are upon us! Check the info here, and then order the t-shirt we both know you want.

Also, big announcement at Snowflakes.
December 14, 2009


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