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Don't forget to tune in for tomorrow's Captain Excelsior!
Posted March 5, 2007 at 12:00 am
Sorry about the late comic, BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY.

One of the best presents I got so far was this IM conversation:

Reader: omfg happy birthday!
WizToast: WOOH
Reader: how old are ya?!
WizToast: 25
Reader: [15:06] Other Reader: its not his birthday
[15:07] Other Reader: he's just 24
[15:07] Reader: whoa wait
[15:07] Reader: huh
[15:07] Other Reader: what
[15:07] Reader: zach is 255555
[15:08] Other Reader: don't let him lie to you
[15:08] Other Reader: little does zach know, I've been building his bed into a time machine while he was sleeping for the past year and a half
[15:12] Other Reader: my real plan is to make his fans believe he's been drawing the same comic everyday
[15:14] Other Reader: see, since the time machine is restricted to only the bed, while he's sleeping he's the only one who goes back in time
[15:14] Reader: i see
[15:14] Other Reader: time doesn't move, only zachs weiner moves