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Happy Halloweeeeen!

Also, just for clarification since a few people were confused, this is a fake trailer! Unless someone wants to gift us 10,000 dollars, we're not planning on doing a full length feature ourselves any time soon.
Enjoy our new Halloween SPOOKTACULAR! (featuring Rob and Matt from

Kapow! Panels panels panels!

The Halloween special is coming along well, and is GEEKTASTIC.

Also, if you wanna follow me on twitter, it's HERE. And THIS is my facebook. We can be best friends.
BAM. How's everyone doing? Everyone seems to like the new vid, so I'M doing pretty damn well. Don't forget, this week's video will be up a little early, since it's a SPOOOOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN SPECIALLLLL.

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, but 2009 may be different...
Kapow! Hope this one makes sense, because I ain't slept a lot lately...